Internal Communication Governance & Strategy

Internal communications has the power to retain employees, align the workforce, cultivate innovation and manage perception. Communications is the lifeblood of a modern organisation

Implementing a robust strategy and internal comms governance framework enables communicators to be more agile and facilitates collaboration across globally distributed communications teams.

of senior communicators expect communications to be more integrated across organisations in the future – European Association of Communication Directors.

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The benefits are clear - consolidated communication functions are more responsive to the real-time challenges of the 24/7 news cycle and are able to ensure alignment of communications across all stakeholders on a global basis, seamlessly.

Shifting gear requires organisations to build a streamlined structure that enables collaborative working practices along with a clearly communicated vision and set of objectives that aligns all stakeholders.

At ICPlan, we leverage over a decade of internal communications governance and strategy experience working with bluechip brands. We work as strategic partners to create a unified communications department with the right technology to streamline and optimise communication across the organisation.


Developing actionable insight: Stakeholder interviews, brainstorming, process mapping and benchmarking your communications against peers to identify pain points and bottlenecks


Understanding your communication function and its role in facilitating the wider business objectives of your organisation


Looking at internal data, secondary research studies and performing qualitative research to benchmark your comms performance


Interviewing key stakeholders to understand their challenges, identify their unmet needs and surface overlooked opportunities


We overlay this information into a proposed blueprint to streamline working practices and optimise the wider communication function


Proposing and drafting communication frameworks to ensure alignment with organisational business objectives


Scoping and creating the communication policies required across the business

Operating model

Mapping the framework to the tools, defining roles and responsibilities of all resources across the communications function

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With the foundational elements in place, the attention shifts to implementing a streamlined communications function within the business


We detail the operating processes to prepare the new working environment, to ensure frictionless transition


Using methods such as train the trainer, in-person training and online training to engage communicators and ensure adoption


Ongoing consultative support during and after go live of the new operating model, whether phasing into a focused comms team initially or across the entire comms function globally all at once


Having transitioned into a new streamlined comms team, we implement measurement tools and closely monitor progress in order to course correct and adapt where necessary to ensure ongoing success.


Setting up and analysing key data related to the comms function


Defining and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the transformation and the health of the comms function


Putting in place feedback avenues that ensure continuous professional development for communication teams

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Internal and external communication teams need the governance and processes to align more closely, and drive business performance. ICPlan is here to help.