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Enabling transformation, transparency and total integration of communications teams

Comms planner


ICPlan software provides a new level of transparency across corporate communications
  • Align strategic messaging across internal and external communication teams
  • Implement mechanisms to identify issues before they impact the business
  • Share key insights and data to engage senior stakeholders
  • Capture critical knowledge with function audit trails


Partner with stakeholders on practical and actionable communication plans
  • Defined process for effective stakeholder management
  • Understand and utilise effective insights on market and audiences
  • Incorporate project management disciplines into daily working
Comms planner
Comms planner

Governance & Training

Embed best practices and standardised ways of working into communications
  • Streamline operations with an agile corporate communications structure
  • Prioritise data security and governance with tiered access
  • Manage key messaging through strategic priorities, channel control and clearly defined audiences


Maximise audience engagement with internal and external stakeholders to drive brand resonance
  • Drive audience engagement and change behaviours through strategic planning
  • Foster connection to the brand to retain talent
  • Incorporate a VoC and VoE mindset into communication messaging
Comms planner
Comms planner


Use analytics to accurately interpret data, take direct action and showcase progress
  • Identify risks, uncover opportunities and monitor trends with a macro view of communications
  • Measure communications outcomes
  • Measure and demonstrate corporate communications reach and impact to senior stakeholders
Comms planner
Internal and external communication teams need the governance and processes to align more closely, and drive business performance. ICPlan is here to help.​
Comms planner