Change Communications

Effective change management initiatives require complete stakeholder alignment for successful implementation. Getting stakeholder buy-in is essential to realise the change with minimum resistance. ICPlan works as an embedded planning solution that cultivates buy-in and aligns all stakeholders throughout the change management process

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organisational transformations are unsuccessful. Culture is cited as the number one barrier to achieve organisational transformation – Gartner

A successful change management programme needs clear communications across the business to reduce resistance and build momentum.
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ICPlan has been custom built by communication professionals with the hands-on experience of delivering communications initiatives that support organisational change.

ICPlan has the tools to streamline change comms throughout the organisation and provides a deeper level of insight about the effectiveness of those communications than ever before.

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ICPlan provides a new level of transparency across corporate communications


Embed best practices and standardised ways of working into communications


Maximise audience engagement with internal and external stakeholders to drive brand connection


Use analytics to accurately interpret data, take direct action and showcase progress

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Internal and external communication teams need the governance and processes to align more closely, and drive business performance. ICPlan is here to help.​