Corporate Communications

Orchestrate communications initiatives with pinpoint accuracy across stakeholders, locations, divisions and time-zones with our collaborative comms platform

Corporate communications plays a vital role in shaping the perception of the organisation among employees, investors and the media

Customers, employees and the general population now expect companies to participate in social issues and have a positive impact on society whilst also managing shareholder obligations

This complex myriad of obligations calls for a new, joined up and collaborative approach

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of communicators work in an integrated communications function, up from just 30% back in 2015 – Gatehouse

The integration of internal communication, PR and corporate affairs is the new normal
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ICPlan provides a new level of transparency across corporate communications


Embed best practices and standardised ways of working into communications


Maximise audience engagement with internal and external stakeholders to drive brand connection


Use analytics to accurately interpret data, take direct action and showcase progress

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Internal and external communication teams need the governance and processes to align more closely, and drive business performance. ICPlan is here to help.